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Popularity in Climbing

Climbing has becoming an increasingly popular sport in the past few years. Climbing studios are starting to pop up more and more, and often you will hear a friend or colleague say they are going to go do a quick climb after work or classes. But what is to blame for this recent spike in popularity? One of the major factors that I believe has lead to it’s growing success is that it’s one of the few aerobic and physically intensive exercises that allows you to

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© 2017

bond with others. A huge component to climbing is the logical deciphering of rock puzzles on walls. You can’t just go up to a wall a wing it. There is a process of figuring out what the most efficient way of traversing a wall. With this, many often try to recruit the help of fellow climbers for their insights into climbing. Climbers are often more than willing to help others figure out how to finish a puzzle and because of this, a type of community is formed within climbing gyms.

Another reason climbing may be growing in popularity is that it’s seemed to dip into the mainstream. Several years ago, climbing seemed like it was tailored more towards a specific crowd; often the health-nut, outdoors-y adventurer. With the introduction of more inside climbing gyms, climbing is now accessible to nearly everyone, regardless of what type of person you are.


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