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Top Roping? Bouldering?

When someone hears the phrase “rock climbing,” images of high up mountains in the middle of nowhere are often conjured. Although this is accurate for some of the more advanced climbers, rock climbing nowadays is often broken down into 2 different common methods: Bouldering and top roping. Both are intense works outs forcing you to grasp onto often tiny synthetic rocks, but are very different in how they’re done.

Top roping is the more common method of traditional climbing. This is achieved by having 2 people both secured to a line of rope that is anchored above the rocks they want to climb, often indoors. One climber begins their journey up the rocks while

© 2017
© 2017

the person at the bottom belays them. This is often considered the “safer” way of climbing as there are several safety mechanisms in place in case anything were to go wrong.

The second way of climbing is referred to as bouldering. Bouldering, although much simpler, can be treacherous to the newer climber. This style of climbing is basically, climbing a certain color of rocks that lead up a wall without any rope or belaying of a partner. Pads are often found at the foot of the rocks you climb just in case you choose (or rely) on falling to end the course.

Both of these styles of climbing are becoming more and more popular especially as a hobbies for those looking to get into a sport that they can do at their own pac.e


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