Climbing General

My First Time Climbing

I never thought I would ever climb. It always looked intimidating and I always thought I wasn’t in shape enough to ever be “good at it.” So I didn’t for the longest time. Until one day I built up the courage to walk down to one of the local climbing gyms and take on the scary task of teaching myself to climb alone.

I rented a pair of shoes, got a small pack of chalk and headed into the gym. I remember looking around at all the different climbing spots and the variety of colored rocks that were screwed onto the walls. I headed up to the top level where people boulder and I sat on the ground, watching several other climbers do what they do. It looked effortless for them.

Eventually after enough time gazing, I put on my shoes and looked for a climbing puzzle I thought I could manage. I found v0, one of the easiest climbs you can find, and attempted it. I clumsily navigated my way to the top, noticing fatigue setting in quickly. I dropped back down onto the crash pad wondering how people did this so easily.

I eventually flagged down another climber and asked him if he could give me a 60 second lesson for dummies and that truly was the turn that made me really feel like I could do this. Just knowing where to start led me in a direction of wanting to learn more and hone this craft. And so I did over the course of the next months.

And here I am today. A totally average-level climber who has a blog he is probably unqualified to write.


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