Climbing General

Take Care of Your Hands!

Taking care of your hands is a big deal in climbing. A lot of injuries can occur if you are not taking the necessary preventative steps to maintain healthy skin. Some of the common problems people run into is overly dry skin, poor calluses and ripped skin. I’ll go over these issues and how you can easily prevent them from happening.

Dry skin is the main issue climbers run into because we are constantly putting chalk on our hands to dehydrate them for an easier grip. The simple solution for this is to use lotion after climbing and in the mornings. Hydration will allow your hands to better heal the small tears that happen when climbing. Ripped skin is often times a side effect of having dry skin and can occur when a rock or hold requires an awkward or often intense grip that moves/pinches your skin in an uncomfortable way. Keep on top of hydration for your skin, as well as hydrating your body by drinking water.

Callus management is also an important step to take. Especially in the beginning for climbers, calluses tend to develop quickly. Most people assume it’s normal to have large hunking calluses on your hand, but a lot of the time this can lead to injury. Calluses can be ripped off pretty easy if you’re really testing your climbing limits. Pumice stones are often used to help break down excessive callusing and can be used right before taking a shower.

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