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Warning Signs

Once in awhile our bodies will give us warning signs of potential injury or future danger that are often over looked or ignored. Human physiology has gotten particularly good at alerting us when we need to pay more attention to what is not working correctly. Such as a sore elbow or a stiff neck. The tricky part is deciphering these “body codes” and figuring out what they actually mean. Let us go over a couple related to climbing that are not too uncommon.

Let us start with sore shoulders. Shoulder joints are some of the most vulnerable and often injured parts of the body for climbers. If you can show me a climber who does not have shoulder issues, I will show you a climber who is not trying hard enough. That is not to say that if your shoulder isn’t messed up. you are not a good climber. It just means that activity of climbing is generally not great for your shoulder and there is not much you can do to prevent shoulder wear and tear.

Every once in awhile, check your shoulder joints by rolling your arm in a full circle. If you feel any pain that does not feel muscle related or an uneasiness in the circular motion, you might need to ease off on difficult climbs for a bit.

Another warning sign is pain in between the knuckles. Although it is not a sure fire sign of Tendonitis, it can be a warning sign. That pain may indicate that the cartilage between your fingers is breaking down. Often times this can be from poor climbing form.

Be smart about your body. Listen to when you are feeling soreness. Try to decipher what your body is telling you and act accordingly. Your body will thank you later.


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