Climbing General

After Climbing Care

An often overlooked element of climbing is how to take care of yourself after you have finished your climbing for the day. Taking the proper steps of caring for your bones, muscles and ligaments is extremely important if you are looking to improve your climbing.

At the end of each of my climbing sessions, I was my hands in as cold of water as I can possibly find. This is comparable to  an “ice bath” many professional athletes go through after rigorous workouts. The theory is that the coldness helps constrict blood vessels, flush out waste products and reduce pain, swelling and tissue breakdown. It also feels really great after a long climb.

After I’ve soaked my hands for a minute, I moisturize my hands, wrists and forearms with lotion to keep them from cracking and to help all calluses. Keep your skin healthy is paramount to a successful climber.

The last thing I do is I drink or eat anything that is high in protein and low in carbs/sugar. The high protein in take is going to help your muscles work on and build all the muscles you tore and worked on during the work out. A high intake of sugar and carbs are not necessary for anything your body will be working on in the next few hours unless you tend to have low blood sugar in the first place.


Remember to keep drinking water before, during and after your climbs to ensure your body has the resources to keep on working the way it should!

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