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Climber Spotlight: Shauna Coxsey

Today, I would like to spotlight one of my favorite climbers, Shauna Coxsey. Shuana is a professional competitive climber who stands out as an incredible talent in the world of climbing. She started climbing at the early age of 4 and began competing at age 7. Shuana is the only one in her family who climbs and was initially inspired by Continue reading “Climber Spotlight: Shauna Coxsey”

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How-To-Get-Started Infographic

Thinking about getting started climbing? Follow these steps to get you on the right track! This is how I, along with many people I know got their start in the climbing world. Although everyone’s stories differ greatly, this is a common way for people to start. Continue reading “How-To-Get-Started Infographic”

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Trusted Equipment Brands

Often the question comes up, “There are so many brand out there, which ones should I stick to?” And the answer is really as simple as, “It for the most part does not matter. There are a plethora of companies that make carabiners, harnesses, shoes and rope, but what it really comes down to is which brand sell equipment that meets your needs.

For instance, Scarpa is a popular climbing shoe brand. You’ will see their shoes in any place that sells climbing equipment. They are comfortable, they’ are reliable and reputable. But that does not mean Continue reading “Trusted Equipment Brands”

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Top Roping? Bouldering?

When someone hears the phrase “rock climbing,” images of high up mountains in┬áthe middle of nowhere are often conjured. Although this is accurate for some of the more advanced climbers, rock climbing nowadays is often broken down into 2 different common methods: Bouldering and top roping. Both are intense works outs forcing you to grasp onto often tiny synthetic rocks, but are very different in how they’re done.

Top roping is the more common method of traditional climbing. This is achieved by having 2 people both secured to a line of rope that is anchored above the rocks they want to climb, often indoors. One climber begins their journey up the rocks while Continue reading “Top Roping? Bouldering?”