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Do you Breathe?

One of the first things that you will hear when you are learning how to climb is that you need to focus on your breathing. Grip strength, raw muscle and technique are all very important aspects of climbing, but if you do not have proper breathing when climbing, all of those skills do not matter. You could be a #1 ranked national bouldering champion, but if that champion stops Continue reading “Do you Breathe?”

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My First Time Climbing

I never thought I would ever climb. It always looked intimidating and I always thought I wasn’t in shape enough to ever be “good at it.” So I didn’t for the longest time. Until one day I built up the courage to walk down to one of the local climbing gyms and take on the scary task of teaching myself to climb alone.

I rented a pair of shoes, got Continue reading “My First Time Climbing”

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De-Bunking Danger Myths

Climbing is sport that has been associated with risk or serious injury or death since its inception. Watching climbers intentionally fall from over 15ft in the air strikes fear into the hearts of aspiring climbing athletes. And to give them credit, the sport can appear dangerous at many times. Bouldering consists of no safety mechanisms except for preventing injury except for an occasional crash pad below and the climber’s knowledge of Continue reading “De-Bunking Danger Myths”

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What You Need to Get Started

Alright, so you want to start climbing rocks. You have made a great choice. Not only is rock climbing a fantastic work out for your muscles, but also a great work out for your mind. The more you climb, the more you will learn about your body’s strengths and weaknesses and be able to tailor your climbing experience to you.

For starters, you Continue reading “What You Need to Get Started”

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Popularity in Climbing

Climbing has becoming an increasingly popular sport in the past few years. Climbing studios are starting to pop up more and more, and often you will hear a friend or colleague say they are going to go do a quick climb after work or classes. But what is to blame for this recent spike in popularity? One of the major factors that I believe has lead to it’s growing success is that it’s one of the few aerobic and physically intensive exercises that allows you to

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bond with others. A huge component to climbing is the logical deciphering of rock puzzles on walls. You can’t just Continue reading “Popularity in Climbing”

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Top Roping? Bouldering?

When someone hears the phrase “rock climbing,” images of high up mountains in the middle of nowhere are often conjured. Although this is accurate for some of the more advanced climbers, rock climbing nowadays is often broken down into 2 different common methods: Bouldering and top roping. Both are intense works outs forcing you to grasp onto often tiny synthetic rocks, but are very different in how they’re done.

Top roping is the more common method of traditional climbing. This is achieved by having 2 people both secured to a line of rope that is anchored above the rocks they want to climb, often indoors. One climber begins their journey up the rocks while Continue reading “Top Roping? Bouldering?”