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Basic Climbing Technique

The difference between climbing with good technique and climbing with┬ábad technique is night and day. Someone who knows exactly how to efficiently exert themselves can last hours longer than someone who has no idea how to climb at all. There are several key ideas that make a climber a good climber and those are conserving strength, moving efficiently and thinking Continue reading “Basic Climbing Technique”

Climbing General

Take Care of Your Hands!

Taking care of your hands is a big deal in climbing. A lot of injuries can occur if you are not taking the necessary preventative steps to maintain healthy skin. Some of the common problems people run into is overly dry skin, poor calluses and ripped skin. I’ll go over these issues and how you can easily prevent them from happening.

Dry skin is the main issue Continue reading “Take Care of Your Hands!”

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Trusted Equipment Brands

Often the question comes up, “There are so many brand out there, which ones should I stick to?” And the answer is really as simple as, “It for the most part does not matter. There are a plethora of companies that make carabiners, harnesses, shoes and rope, but what it really comes down to is which brand sell equipment that meets your needs.

For instance, Scarpa is a popular climbing shoe brand. You’ will see their shoes in any place that sells climbing equipment. They are comfortable, they’ are reliable and reputable. But that does not mean Continue reading “Trusted Equipment Brands”

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My First Time Climbing

I never thought I would ever climb. It always looked intimidating and I always thought I wasn’t in shape enough to ever be “good at it.” So I didn’t for the longest time. Until one day I built up the courage to walk down to one of the local climbing gyms and take on the scary task of teaching myself to climb alone.

I rented a pair of shoes, got Continue reading “My First Time Climbing”

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De-Bunking Danger Myths

Climbing is sport that has been associated with risk or serious injury or death since its inception. Watching climbers intentionally fall from over 15ft in the air strikes fear into the hearts of aspiring climbing athletes. And to give them credit, the sport can appear dangerous at many times. Bouldering consists of no safety mechanisms except for preventing injury except for an occasional crash pad below and the climber’s knowledge of Continue reading “De-Bunking Danger Myths”